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Memorial candle

  • David Osepchook lit a candle on 08/10/2018:
    "Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my Soul to keep And if Paul dies before he wakes I pray the Lord His Soul to take. As sure as tears run down my face The Angels take Paul to Heaven's gate."

  • David Osepchook lit a candle on 07/25/2018:
    "A candle for Paul."

  • David Osepchook lit a candle on 03/11/2019:
    "a candle on Oct 30 for "Paulo'een". One of Paul's favorite days with the kids he loved. a candle on Valentines Day. Paul never forgot."


About Paul Osepchook

March 19 Forty years ago, two bright lights flooded my world and everything seemed so much bette on that dayr. And one day I turned around and one light was gone.It left most touching memories behind. The other light still shines and continues to lay down new memories and reminds to be grateful for my blessings. I miss you Paul. I smile thinking of that day that you were born. So many of us miss you. Dad